Blackface TV ‘makes Japan look ignorant’ – BBC News

Blackface TV ‘makes Japan look ignorant’ – BBC News

A well-known Japanese comedian used blackface makeup in a New Year show while pretending to be Eddie Murphy.
US writer Baye McNeil, who lives in Japan, says this needs to stop because it makes Japan look ignorant.

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  1. T611 Som

    Japanese people is not laughing at black people, They are laughing at that Japanese men costuming. What costume is not matter. Don't say anything if you don't know who is him. He is famous in Japan, and popular, they don't feel that costume funny, they think he is funny.


    Well, you can still find lots of videos joking about east Asian, but we don't really care, why? Because we have our own culture and we can be ten times racist without any western style freak out. Is kind fair to us.

  3. 葛哥

    Japanese should very happy for funny video,Japanese don't feel shameless ,because they are don't know what is shameless ! remember happen it again after .Japanese tradition and culture don't have respect and love

  4. Anthony Enriquez

    I think if black people can go on there shows n powder there face n act like white people or other ethnic groups anybody can act like them just sayn dave Chappelle use to do it all the time nobody made a fuss about it shit looks funny to me soon as i clicked it i laffed just like if i seen a black guy all white acting white ima laff only undercover racist people push the racist card

  5. foolzgold

    Eddie Murphy was my favourite US comedian 2nd Steve Martin . If the Japanese comedian done a white face of Steve Martin I couldn't care less . I'll bet you the Japanese comedian loves Eddie Murphy also and to him he was doing it out of respect and a tribute too a comedy genius . It's about context and not everyone sees the world through a Westernised Safe space lens .

  6. dan henry

    Yeah, I don't think you guys get it. They are a comedy group, they make jokes about themselves more often than anyone, and everyone really. The point is to make jokes. If you can't take a joke, then that is your problem.

  7. Jae

    I'm not that offended by this personally, but it seems to me that most people that are defending it have never been to Japan to begin with.

    If you've ever been there (I lived there for a while), you'd know that Japan is an amazing country with great people, but it also has many societal issues which includes a lack of understanding of cultures in other places (such as the USA). The comedian's skit wasn't inherently racist, but practices such as his have been discriminatory in the past to us in America (which many Japanese do not know). It's not necessarily his fault, but if you're going to emulate a person of color, you should be aware of the history, that's all. The last thing I want to hear is an adamant opinion on Japanese society without firsthand exposure to it; no disrespect intended.

  8. t h


  9. Comic Book Guy

    Eddie Murphy mockingly portrayed an Asian man in the film "Norbit" .
    Progressive pukes, 1) STOP assuming offence of behalf of others, we all know you do that just to virtue signal to advance your own social standing. 2) As with all races, the characteristics of blacks are NOT sacred and not above mockery.

  10. ferm65

    Of course this is racist but what do you expect from a country that very homogeneous. It's not like they did it on purpose. Of course it doesn't help that the majority of people who are okay with this and crying angry SJWs at people for saying it's racist are white.

  11. Dr. zip

    Japan's black face paint started from those people..
    It starts from our respect to soul music of 50' through 70's. Those comedians grown up watching those imitated musician as cool, and did not know it was prejudice in other countries. back then, many people did afro hairstyle, and still some get their hair permed like The style is typical Japanese trendy look in 70's affected by the time.
    People laugh at the comedian because he looks ridicurous, and not even close to original.
    (Here they have to show the cosplay of American police)
    Japanse don't know Eddie Murphy was comedian. They just know Eddie as cool movie star.

  12. Frank Galang, Jr.

    I love your perspectives on the subject and I also love how you make it clear that Japan has its own culture that should not have other values imposed upon. Keep making these videos. I enjoy them very much and would love to meet you one day. We have plans on return to Japan and would love to hang out with you.

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