Trump: ‘There was no collusion’ – BBC News

Trump: ‘There was no collusion’ – BBC News

Trump-Russia inquiry: President says it is unlikely Mueller will interview him
US President Donald Trump has said it is “unlikely” he will be interviewed by Robert Mueller, the man investigating possible ties between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia.
In June 2017, Mr Trump said he would “100%” be interviewed under oath.
He has consistently denied that his campaign worked with Russia to undermine his opponent Hillary Clinton, calling the accusations a “witch hunt”.

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  1. Des Des

    Mueller is the one who was involved in the Russian Uranium One deal , Clinton took massive money for favours .That is 'effin collusion /corruption /illegal , but the BBC will never say a word.
    Your reports are so biased ,you out shine CNN for posting bollocks.

  2. Dennis Menace

    yes we'll unfortunately Trumpski this is a British news section and well over two thirds of the British have an IQ above a carrot and know your a liar as well as being very childish, self-centred and a bully who like most bully's are very, very dim

  3. Gordon Watson

    Again, to the Leftist drones who hate Donald Trump because the BBC, Buzzfeed and the Guardian told them to – where is the evidence of Trump-Russia collusion? If Donald Trump was guilty, why, after a year of investigating and more than a year of media investigations, have we not stumbled across one shred of corroborative evidence of collusion? Of course, sadly, this amazing fact will not be registered by the vast majority of Trump-haters, who are leftist drones who have forfeited their God-given personalities for the sake of being part of a larger, Leftist Hivemind.


    Bill Clinton: "I DID NOT have sex with that woman". (unless you count those bj's and cigar play…..)
    Donald Trump: "There was no collusion with russia". (maybe some money laundering, some ballot rigging, and some secret meetings with russian intelligence and russian mobsters……but no "collusion".)

  5. John Fenn

    BBC congratulations!! you managed a Trump story which actually reported news without editorializing! I can hardly believe it. Are you taking a few minutes off from undermining democracy and western values through your relentless campaigns of lies and propaganda?
    Anyone that doubts that the BBC is a lying propaganda machine please; read a few Anthony Zurcher articles, but apply critical thinking, keep asking yourself "why choose THIS particular inaccurate description of a situation, why choose THAT word" maybe I am being paranoid, but is it completely implausible that an institution with an OPENLY RACIST hiring policy, might also employ lying racist propagandists?

  6. jimmy johnson

    Collusion did not happen, but even if it did, it is not a crime. There is no law saying it's a crime to collude with a foreign government to get dirt on an opponent. Hillary was the one that colluded with British Mi6 agent Christopher Steele to get this fake dossier. When Obama used this fake dossier to get a wire tap on Trump, this was a crime. Presenting false evidence to a judge to obtain a warrant is a felony.


    Trump was elected by the people unlike the UK.Not being a real democracy the UK has thrown human rights down the toilet and allowed a torture weapon to be practiced on a man for years stealing his life.Cooperating television companies collude in psychological subliminal suggestions to inflict psychosis because who wants to hear it?no the victim.Their so arrogant,using a torture weapon not getting the results they expected and sadistically wanted,the want to call it a joke so their unethical unelected elites can gain public points.They shouldn't be in power if unelected like Trump is.The UK is a evil regime.

  8. Duce1313

    It's a good thing, President Trump canceled his visit to the United Kingdom. The UK is quickly becoming an unfriendly country towards America. The UK has every right to say they don't want President Trump to visit, but there will come a time when the UK will need America and what then? I wish the BBC would pull its operation from America, we already have more than enough liberal media coverage as it is. Don't like us? Good !! then leave us alone to run our country and you fix your.

  9. Suz Jensen

    Once again the lying psychopathic bigoted prick is trying to divert all from his criminal behavior. Of course there was collusion and he at the center of it. The prick just loves Putin and wishes he too could be a dictator. Thanks to all Brits who have protested this pig.

  10. paul signac

    Look there was no collusion!

    The GoP election committee simply worked secretly with Putin-paid hackers and trolls to spread disinformation in targeted ‘rust belt’ electorates to get a bankrupt Donald Trump elected. All while Trump himself was secretly accepting millions in suspect Russian Mafia loans in exchange for both lifting sanctions and permitting Russian criminals access to the world.

    That's not collusion, that’s business as usual.

  11. indoctus41

    There's no charge called "collusion". The charge would be "conspiracy". There's no doubt there is "obstruction" and with all the undisclosed meetings with Russians there is likely evidence of a conspiracy as well. The fact that Trump and some Republicans along with Fox News are vilifying Mueller is disgusting. This didn't happen even in Watergate.

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